Monster Interactive

Monster Interactive is a full-service interactive, digital advertising agency with a passion for big ideas. As an independent agency that works with world-class brands across Asia, we build online brand strategies and digital social campaigns that leverage the power of digital marketing.  We have since created innovative online and mobile applications, solutions, media presentations captivating strong agency support and contacts within the Asia region including the Australia region.

We care deeply about creativity and live to create the next big idea. We’re obsessed with the audience, often employing innovative brand strategies that effectively reach targets. And since the internet has taken over to become an important channel, we’ve become digital centric.

Combine our passions together and you get a highly motivated interactive agency, which is committed to bringing measurable returns for clients. An agency that’s fixated on finding unique solutions that will fit client’s individual needs. So let us put our vast experience and expertise in strategy, technology, creative and media to make your brand stand out.