Hakuhodo’s oldest oversea subsidiary.

Established in 1973, has a history of more than 38 years, consistently and stably providing its high quality services to its clients. Backed up by Hakuhodo Inc. and Hakuhodo Asia Pacific. We provides the best mix of Hakuhodo’s global and local knowledge or experience.

In 2009, Hakuhodo was a Gold Sponsor of Ad Asia in Kuala Lumpur.

Global HABIT

The backbone of Hakuhodo solutions.

Our efforts to glean important insights from the frontier of evolving Sei-katsu-sha perceptions are guided by in-depth research. In Japan, our R&D Division is responsible for gathering advertising effect measurement data and managing HABIT, our database of sei-katsu-sha data.

HABIT is a proprietary Hakuhodo database of single-source data that can elucidate product usage, perceptions and habits; brand evaluations; TV programme, magazine and other media contact; and the personal affiliations, life values and other circumstances and perceptions of individual Sei-katsu-sha.

Our annual surveys of sei-katsu-sha in Japan and around the world currently have around 25,000 samples from males and females aged 15-54 in 32 cities worldwide, including Kuala Lumpur, available for analysis.