Ambient Media

We have been established since 1997 and are Malaysia’s only dedicated ambient media company.
Ambient Media is a subsidiary of People ‘n Rich Holdings Sdn Bhd.
We source and sell ambient media solutions to Advertisers. Our team are 100% focused on developing, marketing and selling effective ambient concepts and ideas.
Ambient Media is highly experienced in the management and provision of non-traditional media solutions for advertisers.
Ambient Media has a network of strategic regional partners.

Our Team

Ambient Media Sdn Bhd is unique in Malaysia in that it is the only company dedicated to the marketing and successful implementation of Out-of-Home and ambient solutions for advertisers.
Key personnel include Site Procurement, Sales & Marketing, In-House Designing and Concessionaire Management.
The Team @ Ambient Media works directly with advertisers as well as hand-in-hand with their agencies to manage and implement projects to the highest standards.