These top agencies across Asia are all using PIN System

By Serving Each Client As A Partner, We Can Turn Brands Into PowerBrands.

Hakuhodo Creative, Media, PR

6.5 Seconds That Matter. This is our litmus test for great work. It is the ability to engage the consumer and tell them something that mattes specifically to them in the short time they are willing to give us.

DM Pratama is one of the top agencies in Indonesia with over 185 employees. Agency’s continous growth has despite its size speaks volumes about the trust that the clients have put in its understanding of local market and culture.

Pratama Group Creative, Media

Dentsu is the world’s largest single-brand agency with holistic multimedia solutions to 6,000 client.

Dentsu Media Agency

A modern communications agency network, made up of a committed and diverse group of over 3,000 people in 36 markets. We’ve brought together the finest digital pioneers with the smartest traditional marketing talent.

Isobar Digital

We were the first agency to apply a rigorous and objective approach to improving the effectiveness of marketing spend. We did this because we knew it was our clients’ number one priority, and we called it ‘Return on Investment’ or ‘ROI’.

Zenith Media Specialist

Carat defined the independent media sector dedicated to making advertising budgets work as hard as possible. Carat is redefining the role of a media agency in this new world.

We believe that the key to unlocking participation is value creation rather than the age-old, and increasingly skippable notion of disruption.

We call this Interaction Marketing™

Saatchi-Saatchi Arachnid Creative, Digital

Our proposition is to provide clients with senior, joined up and strategic leadership, ensuring brilliant delivery and execution in every channel – both traditional and emerging.

Havas Media Media, Digital

For 20 years People ’n Rich has been generating creative ideas and innovative strategies to raise brand profiles and maximize market impact. We have the people and resources to bring great ideas to fruition and formulate strategies of approach that guarantee success.

People 'n Rich Creative, Media, Activation
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